James Sedares


“……the thrilling readings of James Sedares and the New Zealand Symphony are remarkably intuitive and, in the composer’s own words, ‘combine passion with discipline in exactly the way my music demands’ “

- Gramophone review of music of Miklos Rozsa

“He brings everything to the performance of a new score that one would bring to the performance of a repertoire piece”

- The Arizona Republic

"Sedares' tempos were flexible, phrases were expressively shaped and climaxes, mostly, well judged. The music breathed. Some orchestral performances are driven, some tortured, but this one was comfortable, as though the musicians were at ease in music they enjoyed playing. The pleasure was catching.

This came across as a collaborative performance instead of a top-down one. You could see it in the faces of the musicians."

- The Arizona Republic

"James Sedares brought intelligent programming, vigorous leadership, and musical discipline to the orchestra”

- The Phoenix Gazette

“The performances sizzle with such eruptive energy that the listener is swept along on an exciting ride...."

- Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Sedares has polished the Second Symphony until it glows……the Phoenix Symphony’s dusky strings and boldly colored winds and percussion are both lush and defined”

- American Record Guide